Diamond Dallas Page’s Fake Commercial for His Real Yoga Is Profane & Scary


Former WCW champion Page Falkinburg, a.k.a. DDP, has had a “yoga for guys” mini-industry going on for a while – he claims credit for the fact that Jake the Snake actually looked coherent for the first time in years a couple of Raws ago, as opposed to the stumbling crackhead he had become prior. Hell, Page himself is nearly 60, and he’s more flexible than I’ll ever be.

So his yoga probably works, in real life. But for those of you who imagine that “pro-wrestling yoga” would be a nightmare, he has put together a commercial with Nerdist that basically confirms your worst and most stereotypical fears. It’s the equivalent of Coke doing a fake ad in which it actually does dissolve teeth…though in fairness, wrestling fans are pretty well conditioned not to believe everything they see.