Hayao Miyazaki: Retired From Directing, Debuting in Resin


Miyazaki-based toys are hard to come by domestically, which may be a good thing as it his spared me a Spirited Away shelf o’ junk that would surely have manifested otherwise. And you probably won’t see many merchandising tie-ins for The Wind Rises, given the controversy over whether or not it spiritually whitewashes its central character and his development of Japanese warplanes. But if you wanted some kind of collectible to celebrate his celluloid swan song, here you go: a resin toy of Miyazaki himself.

It’s not cheap – this 6-inch resin figurine will run you $95. But is a limited edition of only 300, and the proceeds are going to earthquake relief. If you felt like donating anyway, you might as well get a cool toy at the same time.

As of this writing, it’s still available – but a wind of collector interest is likely to spirit it away very quickly. So…um…don’t be left HOWLing without this emotionally MOVING statue in your CASTLE…or something.

h/t RocketNews24