Packaged, Final Release Images of McFarlane’s Daryl Dixon Bike Set (Controversial Logo = Gone)


If you got into The Walking Dead figures late and missed the first Daryl, or quite rightly criticized some of the first releases for awkward poses, anatomy and centers of gravity, McFarlane has righted things – and given actor Norman Reedus the toy he’s been asking for since day one – with this fully posable Daryl and bike set.

When originally solicited, the description for the toy mentioned that “this iconic chopper includes the lightning-bolt insignia on the tank.” A lightning-bolt insignia that, as we noted, was reminiscent of a white-power insignia that’s true to the show’s initial depiction of the Dixon boys, but maybe not likely to go down so well in a toy store.

Evidently this was nipped in the bud – it’s gone now, replaced with skull and crossbones. I’ve not picked up any Walking Dead figures yet, just because my wallet can’t take a new obsession, but this one seems like a cool standalone. Or ride-alone.