Diamond Select Announces Jay and Silent Bob Action Figures


I love how Diamond Select is starting to embrace the role once held by NECA as the company who’ll do niche action figures fans have always wanted to see. Now that NECA has grown and basically replaced McFarlane as the go-to company for big movie licenses aimed at older collectors, they don’t take on the smaller stuff so much, or seemingly any license that Randy Falk himself doesn’t personally care about.

I also love that, like McFarlane and NECA of old, they do diorama bases. I have always said I’d pay more for the bases, and DST has proven that others will too. Jay and Silent Bob have been toys before, but usually in cartoon-stylized versions. These fully articulated figures appear to have interchangeable “stoned” heads, and come with connecting backdrops that feature both the inside AND outside of RST Video. You can finally have a Kevin Smith figure to taunt your Ben Affleck Daredevil, or offer commentary on the Star Wars toys you own. Jay can get into drug-dealing turf wars with Mezco’s Walter White.

Now, Diamond – I know you read this site. Please do The Room Select figures. PLEASE. NECA already told me no, but you guys think about everything, haha.