Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon do The Dark Knight Rises, in The Trip 2


The original movie The Trip, shortened from a UK TV series of the same name, isn’t necessarily much of a nerdy movie unless UK comedy is your primary field of geekdom. It featured Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon playing versions of themselves, riffing off of each other while on a journey through the countryside. If you haven’t seen it but you heard of it at all, it was probably because of the scenes in which they do dueling Michael Caine impersonations.

Well, there’s a sequel coming – and in this one, they do Dark Knight Rises impersonations. Their Christian Bale, it must be said, is so terrible as to sound like someone else entirely (Marlon Brando, perhaps), but their Caine and Tom Hardy voices, well…let’s just say I’m normally so sick of people trying those voices that you know I’d only share something worthwhile.

Everything could be in ashes…but I don’t think they’ll ever give the Caine-off permission to die.

via ComicBookMovie