The Weekend Hangover: No Black Holes, Undercover Ahnuld, Halo Re-Shines?

Reader-submitted highlights of things we and you might have missed over the past week and weekend.


This week’s tipsters include: James.k.Polk, SlyDante777, Anyone00, Citrus_King, Gallen_Dugall, Canadian.Scott, skrag2112, jaganar, and even me.

-I wasn’t familiar with his work, but social media star “JewWario” sadly took his own life on Thursday.

-Stephen Hawking says there are no black holes, which makes the ongoing search for Dr. Hans Reinhardt extra-difficult.

-Rub one out to power up.

-Keanu Reeves’ bogus journey to becoming a non-articulated toy.

-Germans love bonus Clone Wars episodes almost as much as they love David Hasselhoff.

-Is this really every 8-Bit Nintendo start screen ever?

The Babadook is not that mashup of Ali Baba and Count Dooku you’ve been longing for in slash fiction form.

-Julia can be like this when she gets sick.

-See what your partner sees when you’re having sex, and you really can go fuck yourself.

-I hadn’t been reminded of Time Killers in quite a while.

-It’s never not hilarious to me that Robert Kirkman looks like the FIRST guy the zombies would eat.

-Sorry, I couldn’t get past the yelling to truly appreciate the Pizza Hut robot.

-“Space Oddity,” in space, with puppets.

-The ignition of a match, in super-closeup and ultra-slomo.

-And now I want Arnold to do a Jackass movie, all in this costume.

-Mother-fudging kids doing Scarface.

Neil Blomkamp and Halo could be together again.

-If you were thinking Gal Gadot might drop out of being Wonder Woman, don’t be silly.