Wow, This Attempt at a Robocop Viral Video Is Terrible


You know, we’re really past the point in the marketing cycle for fake-ish viral videos – RebootCop is coming out next month, and we all know what it’s about. I’m even halfway persuaded it will have some interesting ideas, and possibly be better than some of the sequels. But if this promo is anything to go by, the people behind it have no idea what they’re doing.

Hey, remember the last big sci-fi movie to promote itself with a fake TED talk/promo reel? Oh yeah…Prometheus. How’d that get received? Also, about that video…it at least had Guy Pearce, and not some beardy douche trying to overact like young Shatner and doing a bad job.

Also: “Ee Dee 209?” “Are Cee 2000?” What, is Robocop a Transformer now? Check out Omnicorp’s fake CES reel, and tell me if it’s any less of a trainwreck than Michael Bay yesterday.

h/t Edwin Santos