Blu-ray Today: Oscar Wannabes Nebraska, Gravity, Jared Leto, Plus Thor’s Back With Ben Kingsley


Thor: The Dark World Who you tryin’ to get crazy with, Asgard? Don’t you know he’s Loki?
To da one wit’ the flamboyant temper
I drop my hammer on your hand
Mjolnir, it’s goin’ when you come too near
Damn, I feel I’m’a hurt my bro here
Don’t let Malekith get
his bit, down on the Earth
Get his universe a new dark re-birth
My Natalie’s smokin’, I’m hopin’
to come outta here doin’ some pokin’
Dang! I’m skippin’ Kat Dennings!
Cuz thunder god don’t mess with the underage things
Guys, I keep it unfurled
Cuz a Thor like me is in the Dark World.

Thor’s hurled in the Dark World
Thor’s spun and he’s twirled!
Thor’s hurled in the Dark World
Freaky hair swirled, outta this world!
Thor’s hurled in the Dark World
Missin’ his girl, knittin’ in purl
Thor’s hurled in the Dark World
On Blu in this world!

(Also that Ben Kingsley mini-movie is on this disc).

Blue Is the Warmest Color A French comic about lesbian lovers gets the big screen treatment in an NC-17 adaptation that may not be all that true to its source material, but feels true to the heart. Adele Exarchopolous and Leah Seydoux play the girls from barely legal to adult, as we see every detail of their relationship progress from infatuation to comfort to, finally, indifference and cruelty. No happily ever afters here – just one relationship from beginning to end. Note: even though this is Criterion, it’s fairly bare-bones, with Criterion apparently having hinted at a more deluxe edition later on. Maybe just rent this one, if you can find an outlet unafraid of girl-on-girl action.

Nebraska MacGruber! Makin’ Oscar-nommed feature films cuz he’s finding good directors – MacGruber! Sharing every bit of limelight cuz his costar’s old Bruce De-e-ern – MacGruber! He made a serious movie – MACGRUBER!!!

Gravity Can’t handle the full 3-D Imax effect of Sandra Bullock drifting in space? The home version is here just in time to tie-in with an expected Oscar win. SPOILER, Sandra Bullock lives until at least the final sequence. But you knew that. Are you up to the risk of what happens then? The blu-ray includes a feature-length documentary on the making of the movie, which is more fascinating than the movie itself, plus a short documentary on space debris, and the short film about the guy who’s on the other end of that call Bullock makes in the film.

Mr. NobodyAlso hoping to cash in on the Oscars, this lomg-delayed sci-fi movie starring potential winner Jared Leto imagines the actor/rocker as the last mortal man left on an Earth where immortality is an option. If Jared Leto doesn’t want to live on this planet any more, I’m not sure I can either.

Adventure Time: Season 3 – Yes, I know I need to see this. It’s in the queue. Wish I had more time.

The Shadow I kinda feel like we mentioned this a coupla hours ago.

And those are my top picks. What would you add?