Freddie Highmore to Put on Astro Boy’s Tiny, Tiny Pants

tn2_freddie_highmore_1.jpgRemember how Haley Joel Osment was going to be a child actor in everything, but then he turned sort of weird looking so he stopped getting roles? Freddie Highmore has fulfulled Osment’s prophecy. Even if you don’t know him, you kind of do?Highmore’s been in The Golden Compass, August Rush, Arthur and the Invisibles, A Good Year, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland, among others.

And now he’s going to voice Astro Boy in the new, increasingly lower-quality Astro Boy CG movie, due in 2009. I’m not sure Highmore realizes that the only way t really get into the beloved character is to strip down and wear nothing but short shorts in the recording booth, but hopefully someone will take a picture, because that sounds sexy as hell.