GIVEAWAY: Convention Exclusive Funko Darth Vader (Glow in the Dark)


Darth Vader might be pissed if you call him a hollow shell of what he once was, but this holo-version ought to please you as it keeps the cute li’l rendition of the O.G. Sith Lord glowing and head-wobbling after the lights are out. This figure was a shared convention exclusive – ours was procured at the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo by regular reader James.k.Polk, who wants it to find a good home with someone willing to try to win it.

Okay, so here’s what you need to do: we’ve heard that Disneyland is currently renovating to include a Star Wars area, but that it is most likely to be based on Episode VII. In comments below, knowing what little you do about that film, dream up a ride, attraction, food court or whatever else you think Disney’s Episode VII-world will install. Points for creativity.

Contest closes at noon on March 5th. Enter as many times as you wish, but you must have a valid email on your commenter profile to win, because if I can’t contact you, I’ll heed Yoda’s words and know that there is always another.