Godzilla Almost Ready for His Closeup in New Trailer


Yes, despite Empire‘s full reveal of him yesterday, and of course Comic-Con’s reveal of other monsters, the trailer still plays it coy, while giving us more of a taste of the epic scale of the disasters he leaves in his wake. I really hope this isn’t a sign that director Gareth Edwards will do as he did in Monsters, and barely show the things while belaboring the political subtext.

Not terribly sure about that CGI Statue of Liberty, at least how it looks on my small screen – perhaps it’s not supposed to be the real one, but a test-site version [reader frank_lloyd_wrong in comments appropriately catches the architectural hint that it’s the Las Vegas casino version]– though I love that they seem to be acknowledging the events of the 1954 original movie with a bit of a spin. And Bryan Cranston would appear to be acting his ass off.

Is the king of the monsters ready to reclaim the throne?