New R-Rated Cut of Anchorman 2 to Hit Theaters for One Mother#$%#in’ Week


It may be because I saw it at a time of personal tragedy and I laughed my ass off, but I loved Anchorman 2, from the whole fried bats routine to the RV crash with scorpions and bowling balls. It actually never occurred to me that it wasn’t R-rated, I guess because I don’t care if Ron Burgundy says “fuck” or not. It never felt like anything was held back.

I guess it was, though, because Paramount is actually releasing this newer, less-censored cut into theaters rather than as a DVD bonus (though I’d lay down money there’ll be a Blu-ray “unrated” cut too), with, allegedly, 763 new jokes. Based on a new clip they’re promoting right now, it seems like some of the MPAA’s objections were silly technicalities, like, “You can joke about smoking crack, but don’t belabor it!” Like all news anchors aren’t on crack already.