NY Comic Con Producers Introduce a New Show That’s Actually About Comics


After reading endless editorials about how Comic Con isn’t really about comics any more – usually aimed at San Diego, but New York to a lesser extent as well – the folks at ReedPOP have decided to put up so that comic fans annoyed by long lines for unrelated celebrities might shut up. This June, Special Edition: New York will be held “specifically for die-hard comic book fans, creators and publishers.” The first wave of announced guests includes Alex Maleev, Brian Wood, Charles Soule, Dustin Nguyen , Frank Cho, Greg Pak, James Tynion IV, Jenny Frison, Joe Eisma, Joe Harris, Kyle Higgins, Marguerite Bennett, Michael Moreci, Mike Norton, Nick Bradshaw, Rafael Albuquerque, Ramon K Perez, Ryan Browne, Ryan Stegman and Tim Seeley.

Assuming they don’t specifically turn vendors away, I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that not everyone in the main hall will be solely a purveyor of printed pictures and words. But it’s a bold experiment, to see if this noble idea called a comic convention can succeed by itself, as it did so long ago. Tickets go on-sale Wednesday.