Overnight/Weekend Open Thread – Noah Weigh

This is what it looks and feels like in Los Angeles right now:


My apartment complex is elevated significantly off the ground, but because of the open courtyard, the drains not being able to handle volume, and the uneven floor, parts of my building are flooding anyway. Thankfully, our place has an apartment above ours (so the ceiling is unlikely to leak) and a post-earthquake angling of the floor leaves us slightly on the higher ground.

But before I get all wet, here are a few amusements:

-Sea urchin cocktails give a new meaning to spiking your drink.

-Space X is hiring engineers and coders to help them get to Mars. They don’t seem to realize that calling themselves “The Borg” might be perceived as a negative.

-Remembering the first Lego figures that predated the minifigs.

-If the movie Her were set in 1995.

-A Batman Vs. Terminator animation that nearly everybody sent me, but I didn’t care for all that much.

-Wear an arcade game on your wrist.

-Chips Ahoy pays attention to the fact that weird Oreo flavors do well, and is fighting back.

Remake of The Birds to be directed by a guy named Diederik Van Rooijen, whose name will never not be fun to say no matter how bad the movie is.

-Dammit, how can we let the Japanese fast-food chains beat us on this level of excess?

-Johnny Depp, fond of pale-face roles, set to play a real mobster named Whitey, presumably just because of his name.

-Totally the wrong season for this, but how about some amazing pumpkin carvings?

And yes, I am planning a separate Oscars thread.