This Bouncy House of the Future Will Have You on the Ropes


Frankly, I’ve been to enough hipster adult parties with semi-ironic bouncy castles. Enough so that I know I don’t particularly enjoy them like I did as a kid.

But this? An inflatable cube with a web of crisscrossing ropes like 3D graph paper come to life? This I like the look of. It’s only a prototype for now, but here’s the logic behind it…

The installation is based on production system of large geometric inflated objects. Since the physical behavior of fluids tend to make all inflates spherical, thin parallel ropes are tied on opposite sides of the volume, keeping them parallel to one another. Filigree interiors of this technically invented system are never exposed to public.

When the volume deflates, the ropes get loose and lay on the ground enabling compression of the installation. When the object inflates, the ropes tense to a perfect line again, strained enough to carry the weight of a human being. Bodies entrapped in 3D grid, flying in unnatural positions throughout superficial white space, resemble Dadaist collages. Impossibility of perception of scale and direction results in simultaneous feeling of immenseness and absence of space.

Here it is sort of in action:

via Slate