Diamond Select Reveals Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Figure Prototypes – No Travolta


Sigh…all these years, we heard that John Travolta was the holdout…and it looks like he still is. Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis have been toys multiple times, but I don’t think there has been a prior Ving Rhames toy to get medieval on their asses. In keeping with Diamond Select’s usual style, expect these to come with diorama bases.

A bigger surprise from Diamond’s 2014 catalog, perhaps, is that DST is also doing Kill Bill, which NECA did pretty thoroughly and well (though Lucy Liu was a significant holdout, likeness-wise). We have an early look at them too…


Also the next Star Trek Select figure will be TNG gold uniform Worf with bat’leth, but the only imagery so far is a tiny artist’s conception without the base.