EXCLUSIVE CLIP: RiffTrax Does National Geographic Channel for April Fool’s


The news is out: for three hours on April 1st, the former Mystery Science Theater 3000 and current RiffTrax gang of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett will take over the National Geographic Channel for three hours (8-11 p.m.) in a feature called Total Riff Off, which offers their unique brand of commentary over such programming as [email protected]$$ Animals, Unlikely Animal Friends, My Dog Ate What? and Man v. Monster. And yes, those are actual show titles they did not make up.

The better news: we have a special clip just for you, in which the colorful critter above, known as the mantis shrimp, gets singled out for unique treatment.

Three-Hour Total Riff Off Premieres Tuesday, April 1, from 8 to 11 PM ET/PT