Overnight/Weekend Open Thread: Happy Steve Austin Weekend!


Monday may be St. Patrick’s Day…but Sunday is 3-16.

Here’s some stuff to get you started for the weekend:

Highly optimistic rumor suggests Fantastic Four may get rebooted before the reboot even begins.

Angry Birds, the turn-based RPG. That’s how we’re fuckin’ doin’ it, Clyde!

-Part Man. Part A Capella. All Robocop.

-KFC Canada rips off the Big Mac, adds fried chicken patties, makes me nuts I can’t go to Canada now.

-Key & Peele, the animated series.

-A passable Amazing Spider-Man 2 clip featuring Electro.

finally, it was a little late going up, but don’t miss the post below this, in which the Russo brothers discuss MAJOR Captain America 2 plot points.