The Weekend Hangover: Toy Urinals, Lena Dunham’s Archie, Penis Underwear, More

You lost an hour, but don’t miss out on these stories from the past two days! Highlighting some of the Weekend Open Thread‘s top tips, compiled with the help of Kyle LeClair.

Toy collecting can be one pisser of a hobby...

This week’s tipsters include: troi, Anyone00, SlyDante77, Gallen_Dugall, skrag2112, DrAbraxas, Dr.Gonzo82

-Damn it feels good to be a Disney gangsta.

-A very strange (and late) Valentine

-Singin’, dancin, allez-vous! Simpsons couch gag, doo-tee-doo!

-Seth MacFarlane’s Cosmos not your thing? How about Craig Ferguson’s I Fucking Love Science?

-One step closer to the world of The Prisoner

Space Replay from RCA IED on Vimeo.

-A real-life hostage crisis becomes fodder for a game where you play a cartoon wrecking ball.

-The Inquisition, what a show, the Inquisition, here we go…

-The creator of Mega Man is making yet another “Not Mega Man” game.

-Big spender? I know you are, but what am I?

-The psychological stresses of RPG adventuring are real, and they’re spectacular.

-You can spin this living arrangement any way you like, but most call it human hamsters.

Bob’s Burgers, the musical toon. The more you eat, the more you swoon.

-If you really, really must still see the Star Wars Holiday Special, there’s a clearer copy now.

-Finally, we’ve discovered at least one thing Harlan Ellison will stop bitching about.

The Walking Dead inspires idiots. But hey, at least it’s inspirational.

-Showtunes and slashings.

-Oh hey, remember Watch_Dogs? It’s still happening.

Powerpuff Girls game allows you to play using their classic looks, or the newer updates. Those choosing the latter will have names forwarded to the NSA…or so we’d hope.

-This Rubik’s Cube solution is all wet, so don’t hold your breath.

-Penis shorts based on actual statues. You really don’t want to look.

-Undead AND Undressed? Win-win.

-A clash of titans that’s only missing Bubo.


Viking Claus can’t be worse than the cartoon Russian version Alec Baldwin played a while back.

-Lena Dunham’s Archie is going to be a real thing.

Dark Souls, in summary.

-Spider-lamps, spider-lamps, walking lights that use volts and amps…

-Shooting flies with lasers has to lead to something good.