Wolverine to Die in Marvel Publicity Stunt, Then Inevitably Return? Probably.


Well, he’s got an arc coming up called “3 Months to Die,” and they certainly want you to think they might off him, with X-Men group editor Mike Marts saying stuff like

“We have to get right out in front of them, and be courageous and bold and take chances with these characters. We can’t treat them like the sacred cows that a lot of people take them to be. We’ve got to throw them off a cliff, we’ve got to put them in front of danger — we’ve got to possibly kill them at times”

and Marvel EIC Axel Alonso adding

“The effects are line-wide. I’m actually a bit surprised that my publisher allowed us to do this.”

They’re totally hedging and leaving wiggle room, even though in the end, of course, whatever happens is going to be completely rebooted and reversed at some stage. It’d be more interesting if they killed him off in the movies.