Geek Apparel of the Week: Nicolas Cage Cage-Fighting Shorts


Cage-fighting, or MMA as you call it when there are rules involved, isn’t the nerdiest thing in the world, and that lousy movie where Uncle Owen fought his brother Bane didn’t help matters. But wearing Nicolas Cage’s face all over your crotch and buttocks? That, my friends, is all us.

Now, courtesy of Raven Fightwear’s “Cage, Cage Shorts,” you can not only rock that style, but actually compete in it, giving you the added bonus of being able to mesmerize your opponent with your crotch. However, to do this apparel true justice, you must only ever fight grade-A opponents, because as the man himself would tell you, NO, NOT THE B’S!! NOT THE B’S!!!! bLARRGHHLLARGHHLLAGGHHH!!!

h/t SlyDante777