It’s Scarlett Johansson & Morgan Freeman vs. Oldboy in Lucy Trailer


I thought Luc Besson was retiring from directing? I guess the chance to work with ScarJo can change any man’s mind. In this one, she’s forced to be a drug mule for a new drug that enhances the mind – and starts leaking inside her.

There are more than a few things I dislike about this, off the bat. Firstly, I’m really not interested in seeing a woman abused by men in this fashion, even it is by Choi Min-Sik. Secondly, the whole thing about human’s only using 10% of their brain is a massive misconception – it’s 10% of our brain AT ONE TIME.

However, if that crap is minimized and it’s an excuse for her to kick ass for an entire movie, I’m down.