Nerdiest Speed Freak Ever: Collects VHS Copies of the Keanu Reeves Movie


Far be it for those of us who collect anything to look down on another person’s collection, but…really, Ryan Beitz? You want to own every VHS copy of Speed ever made? And you want us to fund you on Kickstarter? (Obligatory “better than a Zach Braff movie, I suppose” joke goes here.) I guess you could build a really cool fort when you’re done.

Donations will go towards painting his van to look like the bus in the movie, and ensuring that it can actually run at 55 mph to get him places to show off his collection. Obviously I have just one question for Ryan: One day you may wish to meet a romantic partner. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

Because relationships formed in intense situations never work out – ask Jason Patric.

via VICE