How to Make a Dredd Sequel: Do Found Footage, or Get The Rock


Yes, producer Adi Shankar is calling attention to himself again, but this time it’s with an educational video about the economics of sequels. Those who work in the movie business will already know most of this, but if you don’t follow it that closely, he explains things pretty concisely and in a fun way.

The bottom line is that you’re not getting a Dredd sequel unless a major celebrity wants it to happen. The narrative as to why that is was interesting to me, though. I hope it is to you too, once you get past the fact that a guy who draws Xs on his hands and paints his face is telling you how to do business.

Now, 2000AD fans: who could Dwayne Johnson play? Maybe a crossover movie where he’s Rogue Trooper?

via The Mary Sue