Baffling Geek Apparel of the Week: Che Guevara as Tommy Wiseau


I do not understand this. It’s not true. It’s incongruous, I do not understand this! I do NAHHHT.Oh hai weird shirt! Does somebody out there think that all people with long, dark hair look alike?

It’s not simply a Chinese bootleg-style mistake – the description makes clear that this is the movie The Room being referred to, despite its bizarre description of same:

On the 10th release anniversary of the movie voted “Best Movie Ever” by the academy, show the world your love for The Room.
And because she’s a woman, we have the ladies tee too!

Obviously the academy thing never happened, but “Because you’re a woman!” is a popular audience callback line at midnight screenings.

Che and Wiseau couldn’t be more opposite. A mysterious immigrant from Whatthefuckistan, Wiseau loves America and proclaims himself an American; Che wanted to preemptively nuke us during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Wiseau’s philosophy is, “You can cry, you can laugh, but please don’t hurt each other,” while Che’s was practically vice-versa. The only obvious connection is that both are beloved by drunk college kids who don’t fully understand either – which, come to think of it, is the perfect demo for smartass T-shirts. So maybe it’s brilliant.

In other Wiseau news, James Franco is apparently going to play him in addition to producing the movie about him. He thinks about everything, haha.