Exclusive Clip from The Human Race, a Horror Movie I Am in


It’s very, very strange to open your inbox and see the usual sort of pitch for coverage of a horror/sci-fi movie from the usual publicists one works with regularly, and take a second to realize…wait…I was in that movie. Small role, but significant to the story. It was maybe six years ago now that we started it.

It does give me the clout to get an exclusive clip for y’all, though. And I wouldn’t show it here if I didn’t think it was something that fit – in The Human Race, 80 people find themselves transported onto a strange, seemingly abandoned track, as voices in their head tell them they must race or die. In this clip, you’ll find out what the penalty is for non-participation. Director Paul Hough made the backyard wrestling doc The Backyard, and is the son of John Hough, who made Watcher in the Woods and the original Witch Mountain movies. The Human Race finally opens June 13th in theaters and on VOD.