GIVEAWAY: Star Wars Black Series 6″ Boba Fett


Hasbro sent me this guy to celebrate Star Wars day, and after surveying a few of you on Twitter, it became apparent that he’s still a tough bounty to come by. So let’s make things a little easier for one of you – I already got one last year, so somebody’s gonna get to stow mine in their own cargo hold. This will be done by random number generation, and all of you regulars know how it works by now. For everyone else, the giveaway rules follow…

1. You must be a registered commenter with a valid email address to enter.

2. Every commenter gets ONE free entry – to enter, post a comment below stating what figure you’d like to see Hasbro make next in 6″ scale. This is to prove you’re a sentient being and not a spambot.

3. You may post ONE additional entry after sharing and liking the Facebook post about this contest.

4. You may also post ONE additional entry after Tweeting out a link to this contest page (hit the “Tweet” button right under the main headline to do this). Because the winner is chosen by a random number based on the amount of entries, you may choose to spread out your bonus comments, or put them all together, depending on how you see the odds.

5. Anyone commenting more than three times will be disqualified (that includes responding to somebody else’s post. Don’t feel tempted to say, “Aurra Sing? Awesome choice, bro!” or anything like that. Only post entries). Winners, if entered more than once, may be asked to show screencap proof of social media shares.

Contest closes Friday, May 9th at noon. No entries after then will be accepted.

Good luck, and may the Force be with one of you!