Mark Millar/Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service Gets a Droll Trailer


In a vacuum, I would probably be just okay with this trailer for the adaptation of Millar’s comic about a privately funded intelligence agency operating at the behest of individuals rather than governments. Colin Firth and Michael Caine seem like a fun team, and Samuel L. Jackson wearing a Flavor Flav hat he’s way too old for as he mocks English accents is gold.

However, if you’ve seen the trailer shown at WonderCon or SXSW, you know full well this doesn’t even come close to showing the film’s best hand. That clip, which was basically just one scene of Firth using umbrella-fu in a pub to beat up a gang of hooligans, was clever, funny, tightly edited and just the right amount of preposterous. By trying to show us more, tonally this new trailer actually shows less.

For those of you only just hearing about the movie now, how does it play for you?