Max Landis (Sorta) Wrote a Spider-Man Musical


Outspoken comics fan Max Landis, well-known for his lambasting of the Death of Superman storyline on YouTube, now wants to prove he can do Spider-Man better as well. In a post on his Facebook page entitled “hahaha I wrote a spider-man musical,” he offers his outline for a stage production that presumably will not injure people as much as the real one – but it’s mostly broad strokes with the names of various pop songs inserted to set the mood. I mean, the easiest part of writing is saying stuff like:

The song ends with a frightening encounter with the Green Goblin, who Peter stops from attacking OsCorp, Norman Osborn’s company. The Goblin escapes, but swears revenge.

The next night, Harry and Mary Jane again have endeavoured to hook up Peter and Gwen, and have taken them to a fancy fundraiser in Manhattan. Gwen is made uncomfortable by the glitzy social scene, and heads out to the street. Outside, they commiserate about their lonely childhoods, and wonder together what will happen, becoming closer friends. Gwen sings about their night and how she feels.

It’s the specific execution that’s hard – I bet you Orci and Kurtzman had an outline not unlike this at one point.

Landis does do at least one thing right, though, IMHO: his angle of Norman Osborn being so insane that he himself doesn’t know he’s the Goblin is precisely the sort of twist that last movie could have used.