Memorial Day Weekend Open Thread

If I can be serious for just a moment…


No enemy’s weapon felled my father-in-law, but he was still technically in service when his body failed him for good, and this is the first Memorial Day without him. As hard as he had it remembering all his Vietnam friends every time this year, so it will be for us from here on out. Whether you believed in the causes of the fallen or not, take a moment to feel for the loved ones left behind. I encourage anyone with tales of family heroes to share.

Also, an important programming note: due to Monday being a holiday for me, there will be NO Weekend Hangover list next week. So you’ll want to spend extra time in this thread making sure you don’t miss anything!

And now a few frivolous and fun things…

-It’s about time somebody did a play called Arkham ASS-ylum.

-Flip-flops with fake grass on them – not marijuana, actual grass – to give you that barefoot feeling.

-If Michael Bay discussed “The Birds and the Bees”

-Alan Jackson’s “A Million Ways to Die in the West” video and song is so insanely catchy it could make the movie the unlikeliest Oscar nominee of 2014.

-A movie about evil breast implants hits Kickstarter.

-If Wolverine and John Cena…If they fighted…WHOWOULDWIN?

-The founder of Del Taco has died. Let’s hope the company won’t become a shell of its former self.

-One flickering still of a Peter Capaldi silhouette counts as a teaser now, I guess.

-A holographic keyboard? Cool. And then they make it come out of R2-D2.

-Hasbro’s Marvel Comic-Con exclusives are Thanos-centric.

-The amazing Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends action figure you never got.

The Pete Holmes Show cancelled. I admit I never watched the show but I loved the skits on YouTube.

-We’re getting hoverbikes in three years.

-The Tom Cruise incident on Oprah’s couch didn’t happen the way you probably remember it.

-Oh hey, here’s a clip from a movie featuring me!