Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin to Make New Stargate Trilogy


Boy, I wish I could be excited about this. It just seems so played out at this point.

The new films will feature “new adventures and situations,” so more of a semi-sequel than a reboot, then – I say “semi” since I doubt very much that Kurt Russell and James Spader will be the leads again, though Richard Dean Anderson is probably available and already calling his agent.

As much as I hated White House Down, I still feel that in general, Emmerich is better when he’s not working with Devlin, whose screenwriting imagination always felt very limited and cliche compared to Emmerich’s batshit nonsensical impulses. Between this and the Independence Day sequel, I’m totally un-psyched for their reunion.

Give me a sequel to The Patriot – WITH Mel Gibson – and we’ll talk.