Michael Bay Does Fans the Smallest of Favors

What’s the least Michael Bay could do for Transformers fans after shitting out the cinematic turd of Transformers and Transformers 2? This is not a rhetorical question, it has an answer — give Optimus Prime a trailer in Transformers 3. Transformers World‘s spies have some footage of the production filming in Chicago, and yep, trailer. Apparently the above video proves it or something. I can’t really be bothered to summon the energy to dismiss it, because for me, Optimus’ lack of a trailer was oh about #298 on my list of problems I had with the Transformers movies. Why does Optimus suddenly have a trailer in TF3? My guess it’s that he’ll be carrying a shipment of Car & Driver magazines, which will spill out at some point, and Skids and Mudlaps will treat as if it’s pornography, complete with fold-out centerfolds. Then they will masturbate all over John Turturro. I await your suggestions in the comments. Thank to Todde for the tip.