IMAGE PREMIERE! The Ambiguously Gay Duo Comic-Con Exclusive Monitor Mate From BifBangPow!


With Stephen Colbert about to take David Letterman’s throne and abandon his Bill O’Reilly-like persona, it’s time for a little reminder that he can do other characters as well. Prior to making a solo name for himself, he and his fellow Steve (i.e. Carell) were Saturday Night Live‘s Ambiguously Gay Duo of Ace and Gary, who confounded foes with suggestive poses while never actually confirming their personal life details.

This summer, they can insert themselves right into your heart and cram onto your computer with this bobblehead-style toy that attaches to your monitor (and probably other things). We’re delighted to be debuting the first pictures of it right here on TR. Best of all, you don’t even have to go to Comic-Con for this item to penetrate your warm household – additional supplies will be available for $11.99 at Entertainment Earth.


Straight from Saturday Night Live and the hilarious cartoon that never would have made the cut on Saturday morning, comes that crime fighting Ambiguously Gay Duo featuring friend-of-friends Ace and Gary, saving the city from a bunch of gawkers that can’t take their eyes off them. Bif Bang Pow! presents the Saturday Night Live Ace and Gary – The Ambiguously Gay Duo Monitor Mate Bobble Head!

This 4-inch scale mini bobble head measures about 3 1/4-inches long x 2 1/2-inches tall on a “The Ambiguously Gay Duo” cloud-themed logo base that sticks to your computer monitor with a non-damaging adhesive pad. Elevated above the base, Ace and Gary bobble as one, so it looks like they’re flying!