Toon Tyson Go! Animated Style Iron Mike Action Figure Debuts


Remember how Adult Swim’s been planning a cartoon called Mike Tyson Mysteries, in which the ex-champ solves crimes with the aid of his pigeon sidekick? Well, the series now has an official synopsis…and an official action figure (though sadly it does not appear to come with a pigeon…did his sidekick maybe fly the coop?).

Mike wants to make up for his past by helping others in the present. Instead of using his fists, he now uses his heart, and he can be as relentless and focused as he was in the ring when it comes to helping people. Mike is not necessarily dumb, but he is uneducated and almost willfully naive about the good in people. But when there really is no option but to use his fists, Mike is ready to oblige.

Entertainment Earth has him up for preorder, and USA Today has a look at the packaging, which suggests other figures including a convention-exclusive variant.

I don’t suppose said variant will come with bloody ear accessory, but this is Adult Swim, so you never know.