Transformers: Age of Extinction Voice Cast Announced, Ken Watanabe to Voice Samurai Robot


Yep, he’s gonna be this guy, Drift. Considering the way past movies have gone, they could have gotten Seth MacFarlane going “Velly solly!” so this is a step up from that.

In other casting news, John Goodman will be Hound…and Frank Welker, finally, will be Galvatron. Assuming his origin is even remotely similar to that of the cartoon, this presumably means no more Hugo Weaving Megatron. Mark Ryan will be the villain Lockdown, one of our favorite robot voices John DiMaggio will be Crosshairs, and Robert Foxworth and Reno Wilson will be back as Ratchet and Brains.

I’m not crazy about Brains coming back, but budget-wise, there does always have to be at least one smaller robot character who can be done practically.