Merry Christmas! Have Some Free Star Wars Figures!


Thanks to our friends at, TR has a Christmas/New Year’s present for one lucky reader: a set of four Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures! You’ll get X-Wing Pilot Luke, Han Solo, Slave Leia and a fourth figure that will EITHER be Greedo OR a newer character, depending on whether or not gets others in stock.

Since this contest will close at noon on New Year’s Day, 2015, let’s have us a cocktail contest. Create a recipe for a Topless Robot-themed cocktail and leave it in comments below. I will select a few of the best and actually drink them to decide the winner. Wanna make a version of a mudslide and call it a “Tupper Adam”? Have at it. A classic zombie recipe with Reese’s Pieces in it, called a “Zombie Rob”? Bring on your best. I ask only that it be single-serving (no directions to chug 2 liters, please), and the ingredients must be actual food or drink components (no semen or Drano, for example). Also affordable – I’m not gonna make something that requires me to buy Dom Perignon. Enter as often as you like.

Please note: prizes can ship to U.S. addresses only.