Harvard College Library Begins Cataloging 20,000 Zines


The Houghton Library at Harvard University recently announced it has begun work cataloguing over 20,000 items in its new zine collection.

“The 600 or so zine titles listed thus far are best described as an eclectic collection of material whose subject matter ranges from personal diaries on the day-to-day life of their authors (known as ‘perzines’) to politics (Anarchist, Socialist, Feminist etc.), religion, work, sex, travel, cooking, art, literature and fan commentary on sports, television and film, music, and science fiction,” writes PhD candidate Alina Lazar on the Houghton website.

The announcement defines zines as “noncommercial,” and we’ve known a few kids who actually made a few bucks selling theirs back in the day, but that’s a small nit to pick. This is still a good day for legitimizing underground publishing.

No word on where the collection came from, or whether your Casper the Friendly Ghost fanfic was included.