Guardians of the Galaxy News Trifecta: New Villains Pic, Star Wars Mashup, Nathan Fillion Rumor


Howdy folks! Substitute teacher Chris Cummins reporting in. Let’s get this week started with the latest Guardians of the Galaxy news and rumors.

? Empire Magazine just debuted two new covers showcasing the GOTG characters. You can hit the link to see Star Lord, et al, but I decided to showcase the villains cover here because Korath the Pursuer, Ronan the Accuser and Nebula (who I have nicknamed Nebula the Pond as a tribute to Karen Gillan) are looking phenomenal.

? Mashup maven The Unusual Suspect gives Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy the “chocolate in my peanut butter/peanut butter in my chocolate treatment” in this retrotastic new video. (Yes, I wish he didn’t use the special editions too, but whatchagonnado?)

? Finally, here’s a news tidbit that sounds like something out of a fanboy fever dream — Captain Hammer himself, Nathan Fillion, is becoming a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Potential spoilers abound from here. You’ve been warned. i09 points out that Umberto Gonzalez from Latino Review is claiming on Twitter that one of the post-credit sequences for Guardians of the Galaxy features Fillion as Richard Rider…AKA Nova.

This is a really interesting rumor, too bad it isn’t happening. How do we know? Because this happened:


Now of course James Gunn could just be in pulling a “It’s Not Khan” here, but my gut instinct is that Fillion is probably not playing Nova. The pair previously worked on Super and Slither together, and seeing Gunn’s penchant for reusing the same actors on his various projects, I have zero doubt that Fillion will turn up at some point. BUT WHO WILL HE BE? Feel free to speculate wildly below.