Now That’s a Lightsaber!


This past weekend, I visited the Wizard World convention in Philadelphia. A variety of dealers at the event were selling overpriced lightsabers, (some which were inexplicably branded with Thundercats imagery). Fandom is strange. Anyway, of all of the high-end sabers I witnessed on the convention floor, none seemed to have any actual play value that any aspiring Jedi or Sith could enjoy. Bummer. But at least Hasbro still has younger users of the force in mind. Just check out their new Inquisitor lightsaber from the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels series. Fully customizable, it offers options that allow it to be broken down into two single sabers or one giant saber. The toy also comes with a removable “force disc” for some good old-fashioned Tron vibes. It’s got the versatility of a Transformers item with the appeal of Star Wars. Slow clap Hasbro, you’ve outdone yourself this time. Anyone else have a sudden urge to see Ron Popeil do an infomercial about this? (Via Rebelscum)