Skeleton Warriors Action Figures Return…on Kickstarter


I remember in the ’90s when Playmates busted out the original figures – for the time, they were mind-blowing in terms of detail, with vac-metal armor bits and dirty washes that made the bone sculpts really pop. It felt like the first serious mass-market attempt to take on what Todd McFarlane was starting to do independently.

And they were before their time. A proposed second series that would have featured a large skeletal dragon never made it past prototyping. But now October Toys has picked up the rights, and wants to make them again – this time in a smaller, 4-inch scale that features the Glyos system popular among indie toylines, which allows for interchangeable parts, and by the looks of it, parts so small you REALLY want to keep them away from babies and pets.

It’s one way to have a nerd boner…