Trippy Robin Wright Semi-Animated Sci-Fi The Congress Gets Release Date, Trailer


Quite fittingly, Drafthouse, whose mission statement might as well be “buying weird and fucked-up shit that nobody else knows what to do with,” have picked this one up for distribution with release dates set for On Demand July 24, 2014, select theaters August 29 2014, and in NY September 5, 2014. They’ve also cut a much better trailer.

As you may recall, I saw it last November, and wondered “Can I complain that it doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be, when the whole point – or at least one of them – is that it’s about not knowing what you want to be, or indeed which reality you prefer to inhabit? Form could be following function, or it could actually be a less coherent film than I was hoping for. Or maybe both. Either way, I’m impressed with this live-action/animated hybrid, but not as engaged as I’d hoped, though I’m pretty sure it merits further contemplation.”

This is one where you probably have to decide for yourself. Check out the new preview.