Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law: Hot for the Fourth of July


Luke’s mother-in-law is former LAPD, a licensed property appraiser and a self-described crazy cat lady. None of which has prepared her for TR readers. All questions and answers are real.

I’M BACK…… all can’t get rid of me that easily. LOL. I didn’t know what to do with myself last week with no questions to answer. So glad to have LYT back in the country. Well, it is going to be 109 and humid out here in the desert today thru the 4th holiday – lovely. At least the pool is ready to roll. Planning on going out this afternoon and submerging like a hippo to cool off. For now, let’s get to work on the questions.

I hate being in the sun. If I’m in the sun for even 3 minutes, I’m sweating a lot. Any ideas for me to get a tolerance to sunlight?

I feel for you. I’m out in the sun for a few and turn into a lobster, bright red, so have never gotten a tan in my 57 yrs. Sweating is okay to a certain point as your body is regulating its temp. However it can start looking bad on your clothes. I have found that dusting with baby powder helps with the sweat, and also salt tablets seem to help me. Good luck.


That said – how about the original Alien? Just watched it with the teenager (her for the first time). I heard people called it a Star Wars ripoff when it first came out. Is that right?

I’m free. Loved Alien when it first came out – scared the you know what out of me – those teeth !!!!. It was very intense. Star Wars seems a lot more light-hearted compared to Alien to me. So I don’t see how you could call Alien a Star Wars ripoff.

As far as I am concerned, your name is and always will be Boyda Ppraisal.
Anything else is just–wrong.

Ah, thank you. Feel free to keep using Boyda Ppraisal all you like. I really don’t care what I’m am called as long as it isn’t something bad. I hope everyone just calls me what ever they feel comfortable in calling me.

> As for my fave Dr on the show. I liked Brackett the best because he was used as the pushing force for the paramedic program and I liked the relationship between Brackett and Dixie.
Let’s also not forget Brackett’s stupendous sideburns. The man was a walking fashion plate for the 70’s male.
DID YOU KNOW: Dixie used to be married to Webb, and then she married Early.
p.s. MeTV is my favorite network. If they’d just lose all the western stuff it’d be exactly the kind of TV network I would run myself.

Yes, I did know about the relationship. Seems like the Webb shows were incestuous at times. He liked the same actors on and off screen. I agree with you on MeTV. I can watch the westerns only so long, but it is fun to see some big stars in some of their TV roles. I also like that I recognise so many of the sets. Lots of the westerns were filmed at the Universal back lot at 5 points. Some were even filmed near where I live in Pioneertown, just North of Yucca Valley. Some of my fav MeTV shows are Brady Bunch (have been to the real house in LA), Hogans Heroes, Love Boat, Batman, Streets of San Francisco.

It can be quite hot in the summer and it often becomes worse when eating a hot meal. However, salads aren’t very tasty or filling. Do you have any recommendations for summer dishes that aren’t necessarily hot?

One of my favorites is avocado stuffed with crabmeat, then covered with a nice cheese and put under the broiler to melt the cheese. I use a shape chedder which is really good most times. I’m not sure if by hot you mean hot like baked or cooked on stove, or hot as in spicy. Another good one is chilled cucumber soup. I make this with a can of chicken or veg broth, 2 large cucumbers, 1/2 cup (or more if you like) of sour cream , garlic and salt/pepper to taste. Toss it all in the blender or food processor to cream and then leave it sit a few hours in the fridge to chill down; it is surprisingly filling. I like to serve this with a nice garlic bread. Another tasty treat is an eggplant sandwich on a good french roll. Grill some sliced eggplant to soft, slice the roll in 1/2, put on the eggplant, sprinkle with parm cheese and garlic and then you can use olive oil or spaghetti sauce for a sauce.

There’s a song by a singer named Lorde called White Teeth Teens:

Is it just me, or does it sound like the lamentations of a wannabe vampire who knows actual vampires that refuse to turn her into one of them?

Well I do like Lorde: her voice is very nice. When I first heard the song I was wondering about the glow in our mouth line: are teens’ teeth so white from the Crest White strips that they are now glowing in the dark? But yeah, maybe it is about wanting to be vampires. I could just picture a dark night and a bunch of glowing teeth walking across a field – freaky.

TRM, don’t you think it would be odd to be the one responsible for sending oddball questions to someone else’s mother in law? That being said, we’ll miss the column next week.

Well, I do see your point. I guess that it would have been strange for the guys who took over (and they did a pretty good job) to pick the questions that they were going to send to me as I have never met them. Maybe someday that will happen. On the other hand most of TR is pretty odd, different, strange etc so it may not have affected them – who knows.

With your column on hiatus last week, how on earth did you fill the gaping void in your schedule (and presumably, soul) that this must have caused? Also, has our cat we left with you gone fully insane yet?

Well, I did have a bit of Wednesday withdrawal not getting my fix of crazy questions last week. I did extra appraisals to fill the time – yea right. I think I went to bed early that night. As for the cat, we are all still alive, but she is a grumpy little furball. I got bitten twice by her and just finally in the last few days she has started to warm up a bit. The other night she came out from her hiding spot under the wood stove in the kitchen and asked for some lunch meat, which she was given. Most of the time she was either under the stove or under the bed. I think she will be very happy to see you guys when you pick her up to take her home this week. My cats can’t understand why she does not want to play with them. I think she is more insane over this than I am.

Well all, that is it for this week. I just signed up to volunteer for Contact in the Desert which will be here in Joshua Tree in August. Going to be a great UFO time for 4 days. The early bird tickets are already sold out, but there are still other tickets available. Volunteering you work 1/2 day and get a 1/2 day pass. Should be lots of fun. When I find out what I will be doing I will let you know. I am attaching a pic of the temperature outside my door in the shade: looks like 110 to me. As always be good to each other, keep cool, if you are celebrating the 4th have a good and safe one. Huggs until next week.

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