Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law: How WWE’s Depiction of Cops Is Flawed


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Happy Thursday again. I am going to Contact in the Desert !!!!!!!!! Yippee! They called the other day and I was picked as a volunteer for Friday and Saturday. I am soooooooo excited. Okay, I got one parking-lot shift, but I am working at the George Noory lunch on Saturday. Also I get to help get the speakers to the lecture site. So Aug 8 and 9 I will be at the event and will try to get some stuff for TR. I don’t know if I will have enough for LYT to use the info separately or it it will be done in my normal Thursday spot. Will have to see how the boss feels about my work.

This Saturday is the Copper Mt. breakfast – so going. Got to get those biscuits/gravy.


Have attached more pictures. One is of the storm that came thru the area a few days ago. Only got a bit of rain at my house, but it sure was nasty to the East and we got 2-3 inches at Sunfair dry lake. The others are of Frizzy. I came out of the office and saw 2 little fuzzy feet under the bookcase. Had to get down on the ground to see the rest of the kitty. Thought it was cute. Anyway, let’s get rolling on the questions for this week.

Dear Luke’s Mom In Law:

I don’t quite know how to ask this question without going into too much detail, the short version is that my mother is living homeless in a park in California and is mentally unstable. Is there a way to force her to get the kind of help she needs? Would I have to be in California to do it?

I also worry about her mental condition running in the family. I’ve had emotional an mental problems of my own off and on over the years, but I’ve never sought help for fear of finding out that it’s worse than I feared. What’s a good way to confront this fear and get the help I need?

Wow, sorry to hear about your mom. Unfortunately, if she does not break some law, she is not going to come to the attentions of the authorities and thus probably not get into the system. There is a CA penal code of 5150 for the mentally ill; however, most times you need to be arrested for something first and then they can do the 5150 hold for evaluation. The streets of LA are full of homeless and many are also mentally ill. The state does not do much in the way of care for these people. If you are out of state there is not a lot you are going to be able to do for her. Out where I live, we have a few homeless, but they don’t get noticed unless they are panhandling in a parking lot and then mostly they just get kicked off the property.

As for your other question: there is no shame in getting help for a mental illness. The first step is that you have recognized that you may have a problem. You have shown that you are strong to bring the subject up here, and this is a good place to start. Here in CA we have drop-in centers – we even have one in Yucca Valley, and the cost is free or minimal depending on your ability to pay. You may want to check under mental health in your community and see what is available. Don’t be afraid of the dark – and the dark is not knowing and not looking for an answer. You will probably find out you are fairly okay. Take care – huggs.

Q: What does Q and A stand for? Confusing…

Well generally it means Q- questions and A – answers. However, knowing how some of the minds work around here, it could mean some many other things.

Dear LYT and LYT’s mom,

Two questions. I’ve been a comic book fan all my life. I have not read everything, and sometimes I do not read on a regular basis, but I’m a loyal fan, with many trade hardcovers, paperbacks, and individual issues stacked in my home. Why are people so against Falcon becoming Cap, and Thor having his moniker taken over by a woman? I’ve been told on other sites that ‘feminists and people who support diversity are not true comic book fans, you’re just a stupid hipster who’s never read a comic in their life’. Which miffed me, to say the least. I know we’re all scared of change, but I’m willing to see how this all pans out. Maybe we’ll have two Thors and two Caps, each with their own section of the planet to take care of, to make it easier. I just feel really good being represented in comics, and seeing other people, particularly children who may also be gay, Muslim, African-American, female, etc. feel empowered by knowing that if there’s a problem, they too can be strong and confront it.

Totally unrelated question: I have never watched wrestling in my life. But a lot of my fellow geeks are into it. As a person who’s never really watched sports in their life, and is worried about being overwhelmed by the storylines, should I give it a shot?

For the first part of your question, I think some people are purists with the superhero characters. Thus, Thor should always be a man. That’s how the Norse Gods made him. Can we change Zeus to a girl? No, so why change Thor, etc. We, however, can have more names of superheroes, so we can have any race, creed, etc who can all be heroes. People feel comfortable with the old friends. Let’s just expand the universe – there is plenty of room for everyone.

Part 2 of the question: I would give WWE a shot for sure. You really don’t need to know the story line to watch and after a few episodes you will have it all figured out. It is pretty much good vs evil. It is all scripted and about all that changes is the wrestlers. I have watched wresting since the 1970s. Sometimes I don’t watch for a month or two and then can get right back into it It is very easy to pick up any story changes. So give it a try. You may find something new that you like – if not, turn it off. But I bet you will like it.

First: Love the pics of the cats at the top of the column this week.

Second: LYT asked me to explain something that happened on WWE Monday Night Raw this past Monday and see if you could use your police expertise to offer some real-world insight on the matter:

Setup: In June, WWE principle owner Stephanie McMahon ordered the injured current champion, Daniel Bryan, to hand over his titles, or else she’d strip him of the titles and fire his wife, Brie Bella. She stepped up and quit so that Bryan wouldn’t have to relinquish for her sake. After Stephanie laughed in Brie’s face, Brie slapped Stephanie, the latter left the ring, Brie and Bryan had their moral victory, and the night went on.

In the intervening time since then, Stephanie has made things Hell for Brie’s sister, Nikki, who is still employed. Eventually, Brie showed up again this past Monday on Raw, and this is where we’re looking to you:

Brie was sitting in the front row as Nikki was about to have a match (four on one), and Stephanie came out and… well, you can see for yourself here:

It wasn’t over yet, though. After a Flo Rida performance, this happened:

This led to some discussion here ( ), with Troi saying “If a fan snatches the mic from a wrestler than the fan deserves to get hit. Also snitching to the cops after getting slapped is super lame.”
I argued that “I’m pretty sure that regardless of what may or may not be “deserved,” particularly after the tirade Stephanie dumped on her, the law would disagree as to whether she or any other talent or employee of WWE is actually allowed to do that. Attacking fans is usually made to be a pretty big deal– I remember Brian Pillman being “fired” as an announcer for doing just that back in the day.”
I’d also offered “Plus, Steph came out and provoked her, and struck first. She’s in the wrong legally, I’m pretty sure, though perhaps Luke’s mother-in-law can clarify. ;)”
Looks like the son-in-law agrees, and that’s why I’m asking you here. Sorry it’s so long, but I wanted to make sure you had a clear picture of what we were

Glad you like the kitty pics – posted more this week – enjoy.


About the arrest. I really am not sure how much of a “fan” she really is. Yes, she had a ticket. But it really looked totally set up and WWE writes even these side pieces; look how it got the crowd going. Rather than being in the ring it was on the floor. Also the slap most likely was a misdemeanor at best. A police officer has to witness the offense to arrest on a misdemeanor. Brie did not do a citizens arrest and I doubt two plainclothes officers would waste their time on this, or even be dispatched to the call.

If a call were made to the PD from Brie at the arena, uniform officers would have shown up. They would take statements probably backstage. Brie would file a complaint and detectives would investigate – generally at the police station. Detectives would be nuts to go into that crowd. So I would bet they were from central casting. It was so fake.

I’ve never been to Comic Con but I would like to one day. My wife is not into that sort of thing, she tolerates the movies and everything but never volunteers to watch them or anything. However, she insists she would come along to Con with me. However, I don’t really want her to come because I know she wouldn’t really enjoy it. She’d tolerate it for me. She seems to think I should be thrilled by this fact. Personally, I don’t think it would be much fun knowing the person you’re with is only there because of you. I’d rather be there with someone who’s as excited as I am. Am I being an ungrateful jerk by not appreciating that she’d be willing to go?

My husband went to places that I know he was not really happy about going to and I also did the same. For example, since Vietnam my husband REALLY disliked crowds, but he went to theme parks when our daughter was little because that was more important. He was also very into Native American culture. I on the other hand not so much, but I have slept in an teepee in Montana at the Custer battleground . So you are not always going to be 100% into some of the things your partner wants to do like Comic-Con, but you give and take. Perhaps you could go to San Diego for Con and while you are at the event she could be shopping in the gaslamp district, or going to the zoo, and then you meet up later in the day for a nice dinner. There are some things at CC that I would be totally bored with, but I could have spent hours at Hello Kitty and I hope LYT scored some good swag for his girls – hint, hint.

As threatened, my question is this:
How much weed does Luke enjoy while he’s reviewing the movies?
Which other recreational pharmaceutical products does he enjoy?
I’m asking for blackmail reasons.

Well, I’m surprised LYT gave me this question. As smoking anything in CA is not allowed in movie theaters I would say NONE. LYT likes his Jack Daniel’s and I have seen him take some moonshine that a friend of mine makes.

What is the the best way to keep birds from dive bombing my cat?

Brave bird. When that happens my fur babies catch the bird and eat it. Try some plastic or ceramic owls in the yard – that sometimes will scare the smaller birds. Secondly, keep the cat in the house. I have also used an air horn to scare birds away; after you do it a few times they seem to keep away.

Adam M:
What song should Weird Al parody next?

Yes, his new album is great. Love Weird Al. Well, he just did some of the better ones. So it may take a few months for me to come up with something he should do.

William B:
Is cyberpunk dead?

I can only hope, but doubt it as long as we have technology and loners. That covers so many of us, so I fear we are here to stay and so is Cyberpunk.

That’s about all for this week. Was just listening to a Jack in the Box commercial. They are trying real hard to catch the stoner bunch. ” Spoon hands”? Really, JBox. Not impressed. I heard somewhere that JBox was not trying to connect with stoners with the late night meal – but this commercial seems to say just the oposite. Anyway, keep the questions coming – love them. As always, be good to each other this week – Huggs

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