Exclusive Doctor Who Action Figures to Pegwarm at Walgreens Forever


Okay, whoever’s the main toy buyer for Walgreens is a serious nerd. I haven’t seen this much of a push to grab exclusives by a retailer since that time during the ’90s when every week would see a new indie toy company debut some big-breasted, sword-wielding chick with three variants.

Having previously taken on exclusive McFarlane variants and an all-white Boba Fett, Walgreens will now be carrying 4″-scale Doctor Who figures, including a chain-exclusive Genesis Dalek and the new Peter Capaldi Doctor.

Fans of Underground Toys have been giving the company hell about the smaller scale, but I can offer this perspective – while US toy stores tend to carry all scales, my recent trip to the UK introduced me to toy stores where only the smallest, cheapest scales were carried…and they were still twice the price they’d be here. Be glad if you can afford larger, and don’t begrudge a company for serving the home market with something affordable.

Damn, that got serious all of a sudden. Can Walgreens maybe carry NECA stuff next?