GIVEAWAY: Cast/Crew Signed Human Race DVDs and Posters


Because what good is my being in a sci-fi/horror movie if I can’t score freebies for you folks, am I right?

I have three posters signed by writer/director Paul Hough and Eddie McGee, and three DVDs signed by not just them, but also producers Geza Decsy and Trip Hope, and actors Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Richard Gale, Trista Robinson, T. Arthur Cottam, Sean Decker and me. There are three prizes each of 1 poster and 1 DVD, but with this qualifier: DVDs can ship anywhere, but the posters can only ship to U.S. addresses. So if you enter without having one of those, you’ll just get the DVD and someone else will get the poster.

Read on for the rules…

Rule 1: you must be a registered commenter with an email address attached to your account.

Rule 2: Contest entry period ends Monday at noon.

Rule 3: In The Human Race, 80 seemingly random, unwilling participants are forced into a race where anyone who steps off the path quickly finds their head exploding. Ditto anyone who gets lapped twice. Only one can win, and even the relative safety of a chapel, prison and house along the route won’t protect anyone from their fellow, desperate racers.

Your assignment: in comments below, imagine who my character is, and what his fate will be. If you’ve seen the movie, try to imagine something other than the actual storyline. Do I win? Do I die? How? Writer-director Paul Hough will judge your entries and pick the ones he likes best.

Race…or die.