There Is Now a Site That Lets You Rent Lego Sets by Mail


Netflix for actual, physical DVDs may be on the way out – but the Netflix model for Lego sets is a genius idea that I only hope will not be crushed by Lego’s legal department any time soon. For a monthly fee, will have sets shipped to you with post-paid return boxes – including monstrosities like Darth Vader’s Executor or the Death Star. Each set is sanitized before you get it lest any stray Kragle remnants stubbornly cling, and you’re even allowed to lose up to 15 pieces (though I suspect if all 15 “lost” parts are minifigs, you’ll arouse some suspicions).

What other products could stand to adapt the Netflix model, adding toy AND sterilization elements? Tasha Reign, the ball is in your court…