Sin City Fanfic Doubleheader: Special Edition With Furries, and 8-Bit Game Tribute

I’ve seen the new Sin City, and while I’m not allowed to express anything resembling a reaction or review until opening day, I think it’s okay to say that it made me really want a video game set in that universe. Grand Theft Auto in Sin City – perfect, right?

But I’ll take a Final Fight version too – and while this video isn’t playable, it does make me imagine the good times. To be truly Frank Millerish, though, it needs constant dialogue interjections, even if only in text form, that read like things hungover people say. Like…

“No games. God damn.”
“She played my game good.”
“Head pounding. Knife in my guts. Pass the Nintendo.”

See? Not that hard. But that’s not the only Sin City video I have for you today, and the second one is, uh, quite something…

via MTV News

Okay, now you’ve seen that – here’s a redo of the Yellow Bastard segment with McGruff the crimedog amd Smokey the Bear fighting over Jessica Alba. It includes the line: “Only you can prevent forest fires…in my pants!”

SNIFF CITY (Sin City Spoof) from PB&J Comedy on Vimeo.

Even Frank Miller might find this pervy.