I Wasn’t Going to Write About Left Behind Again, but I Saw This…


The other best part of their new press release is this:

“My greatest hope for this movie is that people will be entertained and thrilled by it, but also that they’ll go home and have conversations with their family, and ask ‘do you think this could happen, or couldn’t happen?’ and it’ll inspire discussion and closeness,” says leading actor Nicolas Cage.

Well, I guess it wouldn’t be politic to say “My greatest hope for the movie is that I’ll get a paycheck and take care of some of my staggering debt.”

But here’s a spoiler alert – the “discussion” that will take place in my house:

“Do you think this could happen?”

End of discussion. But there’s another reason Cage says he took the role, and I’ll just leave it below (it’s nothing whatsoever to do with religion)…


Please, please let him do a Blu-ray commentary track. I’ll buy two.

Also, if you thought that Ninja Turtles poster with the Sept. 11th date was bad, check out this fan-made poster showcased by the Left Behind Facebook page, which makes it look like Nicolas Cage is nonchalantly flying his plane into skyscrapers.


I’d like to think this was a deliberate punking, but with this particular movie, you can never be sure.