Mattel’s “Doomsday Unleashed” Action Figure Will Be Released After All


He was the “tier 2” subscription incentive figure for a DC subscription that never wound up happening, and official word at the time was that he would not be made. Mattel officially just changed their tune on that.

I’ve seen images online (that aren’t mine to use) of the figure in a window box with a piece of torn Superman cape in his claws. Now I’m thinking those were legit. Hate to think what the price will be, though – probably around $50 without a larger subscription to even out costs.

This is cause for optimism that if the Masters of the Universe subscription doesn’t go through, everything shown so far will at some point get made anyway. As of now, that sub is being opened up again for one more weekend, since it didn’t make the cut by the official deadline.

Again, I reiterate: I NEED SAUROD. He has not yet been sculpted. So the sub has to happen. Don’t be like Skeletor and not be in the giving vein this day.