Super Terrific Japanese Thing: A Genuinely Sh*tty Museum for Kids

I know it’s been a long time since I did one of these, but there really haven’t been that many compelling examples of Japanese weirdness worth writing about in a while.

And then one day you see a picture of kids wearing little turd hats sliding into a gigantic toilet.


And then you ask yourself the ultimate question…


This is an exhibition at a Japanese science museum, by the way. For the kids.


The exhibit includes a talking toilet who expresses his frustration with you (dude, sorry, but it’s kinda your job to let me shit into your mouth), and exhibitions of space toilets, as well as future toilets that could recycle your turds into food, because we can’t all be Divine.

And of course, this…


Assuming you still give a crap, you should check out the (w)hole thing.

via WeirdAsiaNews